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A Brown Bear (Grizzly) can run at 35 MPH, four times faster than you without a pack on, and can close a football field's distance in under 6 seconds. In a bear encounter, those seconds of trying to get your bear spray deployed can cost you serious bodily harm or even your life! With firsthand experience, we set out to solve the problem of using a cheap and flimsy stock Bear Spray holder. We designed the QuickDraw which uses a rare earth magnet that has 24lbs of holding power. This ensures your Bear Spray stays secure but can be deployed quickly in an emergency!
Our waterproof Tough TPU (Flexible) ring fits the most popular (UDAP, Frontiersman, Counter Assault) and any other bear spray 7.oz to 9.oz canisters on the market. The clip is large enough for your pack shoulder strap, belt, or edge of your pocket and comes with a lanyard hole to sling it with 550 cord or that can also be used to tie a pull cord to your safety for even faster deployment. Both the clip and the dock on the ring are made from a space-age carbon fiber infused nylon plastic, the same material high-end car manufacturers like Aston Martin use to make custom parts for their cars. Our fasteners are stainless steel and like the rest of the QuickDraw are built to last a lifetime. 
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