Fi Fastener 3 for Fi GPS Series 3 Dog Collar Tracker

Minimalist Gear Co


Introducing the Fi Series 3 Fastener, the universal collar attachment for your Fi Tracker. The Fi Series 3 Fasteners is designed using advanced 3D Scanning technology for a perfect fit to hold your Fi securely! The integrated J-Hook clip can fit on any collar up to 1.25 inches wide, included modern snap clasp and Martingale Collars. Our Fasteners use an advanced plastic that is UV resistant and specially formulated for outdoor activity.

Inserting and Removing Fi Fastener 3

Attaching Fi Fastener 3 to Collar

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Color and Collar Size
Black (up to 1.25 inch)
Black (1.5 inch)
Black (2 inch)
Orange (up to 1.25 inch)
Orange (1.5 inch)
Orange (2 inch)
White (up to 1.25 inch)
White (1.5 inch)
White (2 inch)
Gray (up to 1.25 inch)
Gray (1.5 inch)
Gray (2 inch)

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