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On full day trips or long hikes you need to safely transport your rod along with your other gear. Having to carry your Tenkara Rod Case in your hand is impractical and securing it to a pack or bike is difficult. Our sling is manufactured to exacting specifications to allow you to, well, "Sling" your rod tube on your back or securely tie it down so it doesn't get lost or flop around. Made from a special blend of TPU materials, the Sling is flexible and super tough. You can also use the 550 cord it comes with or you can even use quick detach rifle sling mounts in case you want a more comfortable webbing. The Sling Fits all Tenkara Rod Co. (36mm dia.), Tenkara USA (43mm dia.), DRAGONtail (37.5mm dia.) and MAXCATCH (37.6mm dia.) rod tubes or any rod case body that is between 34mm and 46mm in diameter. All our products are made right here in America at our Wycombe PA facility.

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Made in America!

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