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Introducing The Fi Fastener a GPS collar mount for Fi smart collar series 2 beacons. Fi dog collars use a metal clip to attach to specially designed dog collars which are pricey and prone to breaking at the attachment point.

The Fi Fastener is made from a special blend of tough TPU (Flexible) Plastic. It's waterproof and can attach your Fi beacon to any collar up to 1.25 inches wide! Popping the beacon in and out for charging is a snap and our innovative design allows full visibility of the light. We offer The Fi Fastener in gray and high visibility orange for those dogs who spend their time working in the field. 

note: If you have a 1.5 to 2” collar we make them custom for you just contact us via our chat and we can set up an order for you. 

  *We will ship internationally, please message us for a shipping quote. 

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