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Igloo fire building outdoor Family Time

Rewild, Wherever, Whenever

For many, rewilding can only happen when you scrape together the cash to catch a flight to Montana or Wyoming and then hike days into the wilderness or burn some vacation time to get away. Truthfully, you have opportunities all the time to take a day with the family and spend it in the outdoors. I am as guilty as any body in choosing to do some emails, knock out some work or do house chores instead of seizing those opportunities. This winter in the northeast was Snowier than many in years past and my son and I decided to make use of that snowbank from the plow at the end of the driveway!

He saw me in the kitchen and said hey dad lets build an igloo together. Now what he really meant was a snow shelter, but I countered with OK, but it can’t just be any ordinary shelter we need heat in that baby! (LOL) I with big grin on his face he agreed and went out to get started early, reappearing about an hour later saying it was off to a good start. I joined him and helped him finish it up and then taught him how to add in a fireplace as a heat source and dig a chimney to vent. He is a pro fire builder and got us a nice hot fire going with some scrap wood he grabbed from the shop. Now admittedly we got a little carried away with our fire, but it was utterly mesmerizing. The whole family took turns sitting inside and enjoying it! 

After an hour or so we retreated to the warm house, but everyone enjoyed it and the kids learned some great outdoor skills while I got some bonding time with them! Do not give up those moments for anything and seize every chance you get to practice your own skills, but more importantly to instill those skills and love the outdoors in our kids!