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tenkara fly fishing for beginners

Tenkara Fly Fishing For Beginners: 4 Tips

Looking for tips dedicated to tenkara fly fishing for beginners? Whether you’re a beginner yourself or you’re about to teach your friend or child, we’re here to help! With these tips below, all beginners will be able to enjoy their tenkara fly fishing experience!

Tenkara Fly Fishing For Beginners: 4 Tips

1. Learn From a Tenkara Fly Fisher

Learning how to perfect — or, at least get proficient in — tenkara fly fishing is always much easier when you’re learning from someone who knows what they’re doing. Just as whenever you learn anything new, learning from someone who loves tenkara fly fishing will definitely help you progress faster. Whether this is from a friend or a guide or a teacher, you can learn a lot in a quick time frame!

If you can’t find anyone to teach you, don’t worry! You can teach tenkara to yourself, and it’s definitely one of the easiest fishing methods to learn — much more than spinning rod fishing.

2. Take Things Slow

We all want to become pros in a day. It can be frustrating whenever you’re learning anything new, let alone a new fishing method. Remember to always take things slow. Don’t get frustrated. The most frustrated you become, the more likely you won’t catch a fish!

The great thing about tenkara fly fishing is that it allows you to really connect with nature in a simple, beautiful way. Remember this as you learn your new techniques! You don’t have to learn everything overnight, nor is anyone expecting you to! 

3. Fly Fish As Often As Possible

When it comes to tenkara fly fishing for beginners, you’re going to want to fly fish as often as you can. The more you get out there and fish, the better you’ll be. To really feel comfortable with this fishing method, practice makes perfect. As you fish more, you’ll be able to understand where fish are in the water, how to stay stealthy and keep from spooking fish, and how to catch more fish in your given area! 

4. Remember That No One Is a “Perfect” Tenkara Fly Fisher

It’s also helpful to remember that no one is actually a perfect fisherman. There are pros, but the joy of tenkara fly fishing is that it always keeps you guessing. This fishing technique always challenges you in the best way possible — and therefore never gets boring.  

As you learn tenkara, keep this in mind. You’ll get used to this fly fishing technique, but it’s okay to make mistakes or have days where you have terrible luck. Just stick with it, enjoy being out in nature, and make the most of your experience however you can! 

Q: Is tenkara fly fishing good for beginners? 

A: While all fishing techniques have a learning curve, many feel that tenkara fly fishing is actually quite simple for beginners to pick up. It’s enjoyable, and this simple fishing method is a great way for beginners to connect with nature! 

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