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How to Choose the Best Tenkara Rod

How to Choose the Best Tenkara Rod

If you’re looking to invest in the best Tenkara rod, you need first consider the types of rivers you will be fishing with this rod. There are many good Tenkara fly fishing rods you could buy, all of which have different features that, when chosen correctly, can accurately fit to your lifestyle and the way you fish as well as the types of fish you are targeting. 

The main factor to look for in a rod? The overall size and length. How you fish, what you want to fish for, and where you fish are all important when considering the size of Tenkara rod and its action(stiffness) you need. We explain in detail how to find the best Tenkara rod below!

How to Choose the Best Tenkara Rod

The best Tenkara rod brands to choose from include:

Pay Attention to Length

Normally, the average length of a Tenkara fly fishing rod is about 12 feet. If you’re a beginner and don’t quite know what you want to fish — or how you fish — finding a high-quality 12” rod is a great place to start. These 12” rods are also great choices for those who like to fish in a variety of places and situations with the goal of catching any type of fish. 

However, if you often fish in wide creeks or small rivers, investing in a longer rod is always the best way to go. Tenkara rods can be as small as nine feet to as large as 14 feet. To accurately fish in larger areas, use a 13” rod. Try not to go shorter than 13”. When you fly fish in these areas with a shorter rod, you run the risk of not being able to cover as much area. Plus, you won’t be able to go incognito as easily! 

Fishing in smaller, more closed in creeks where you don’t have a ton of room for movement? Invest in a smaller, 9” rod to accurately be able to fish in these conditions. The tallest your rod should be when you fish in these areas is 11”.

Use Adjustable Rods When Needed

Adjustable rods are great choices to make if you fly fish in different conditions and want more flexibility about where you fish, and what you fish for. Beginners can also greatly benefit from adjustable rods although note they tend to be more on the stiff side! 

The main thing you need to remember when choosing the best Tenkara rod is the size. While quality, price, and other features of individual rods definitely matter, nothing matters as much as the length of the Tenkara fly fishing rod you’re using! 

Q: Why are Tenkara rods so long?

A: Tenkara fly fishing rods can sometimes be quite long to better allow anglers to cover a lot of area while they fish, all while being undetected by the fish they’re trying to catch. A longer rod also helps with fly placement! The long rod also acts as a shock absorber, which removes the need for a reel and line management.

Choose the Best Tenkara Rod — and the Best Gear

Now that you know how to choose the best Tenkara fly fishing rod for your fishing lifestyle, it’s time to accurately prepare for all the fishing trips you’re going to take. Once you’ve found the best rod for your fly fishing needs, make sure you get a Tenkara Rod Plug Holder to keep from losing your plug. Carrying around The Sling will also help you keep your new rod from becoming damaged or lost!