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Minimalist Approach to Nature

Why a Minimalist Approach to Nature Is Best

When it comes to Tenkara fly fishing, taking a minimalist approach to nature is always best. For one, the act of Tenkara is already minimalist. One of the simplest ways to fish, immersing yourself in nature while you Tenkara fly fish can instantly help you relax and connect with nature. This experience can also benefit your own personal life and allow you to increase the joy in your life just by being out in nature.

Why You Should Take a Minimalist Approach to Nature on Fly Fishing Trips

Tenkara fly fishing is known for its simple method and minimalist approach to nature. The art of Tenkara fishing is the method, and the method was perfected in ancient Japan and is new to the western world. Fishing is always a joy, but it’s something else entirely when you go on a Tenkara fly fishing trip.

Taking a minimalist approach to nature — immersing yourself in nature with less gear or personal belongings as possible — is so beneficial for your health and mindset. There’s a reason people have been writing poems about nature for centuries. Tenkara fly fishing just adds to this simple and minimalist approach.

So, the next time you go on a Tenkara fly fishing trip, really take a moment to relax and connect with nature. Slow down and enjoy the journey. Only bring the gear you need — and that’s not a lot with Tenkara! — and truly immerse yourself in nature for the entirety of the trip.

How to Keep Things Simple During Your Tenkara Trip

Keep things simple on your next Tenkara fly fishing trip by using these tips below:

  • Keep things light and only pack what you need. If you can, only pack one backpack full of necessary items. Find multipurpose items to save room. With Tenkara, you only need a few items (Rod, Line and Flies) and you’re good to go!
  • Pack high energy snacks. You’re going to want to have some high energy snacks to get you through the day, if needed. Don’t overpack the food you bring and mainly only take along food that is high in nutrients. 
  • Bring items for relaxation. You’re out in nature. You’re relaxing. Bring items to help you connect in a minimalist way. Something as small as a book or a pen knife for whittling. 

Q: What does tenkara mean in Japanese?

A: Tenkara, the ancient Japanese fly fishing method that is still popular today, means “fishing from heaven” or “fishing from the skies” in Japanese! 

Create the Best Tenkara Fishing Trip Imaginable

Are you ready to go on a fly fishing trip where you can truly immerse yourself in nature, relax, and take a minimalist approach? Now is the time to do it! Create a wonderful Tenkara fishing experience with minimalist gear that will get the job done!