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broken tenkara fly fishing rod tip

How to Prevent a Broken Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod Tip

A broken tenkara fly fishing rod tip can, unfortunately, happen to many tenkara fly fishers. However, a broken rod tip can easily be fixed! Luckily, because this is an issue that can happen to all fishers, there are many replacement parts for most rods you can buy to replace a broken rod tip for $15 to $25 plus shipping. There are also a few ways worth mentioning to help keep your rod tip from breaking! 

How Your Tenkara Rod Tip Can Break

First, let’s discuss how a broken tenkara fly fishing rod tip can happen in the first place. This can occur for many reasons, and sometimes it can’t be avoided at all. 

While many assume catching large fish will break their rod tip, this actually isn’t the case. Many tenkara fly fishers have successfully caught quite large fish with no impacts to their rod whatsoever. Others have realized their rods have begun to break in some places over time.

Quite often, a tenkara rod tip will break over time if it isn’t taken care of — if it’s banged on trees, the ground, boulders, etc. 

Prevent a Broken Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod Tip

You can never 100% prevent a potential tenkara rod tip from breaking, unfortunately. Things happen. Just like other fishing rod types, wear and tear may eventually cause your rod tip to break. You may need to get a few replacements here and there, which is to be expected.

However, you can do a few things to prevent your tenkara rod tip from breaking over time! Ensuring that your tenkara rod plug doesn’t go missing is the first step. This plug keeps your rod tip safe and secure when you’re not fly fishing, which helps keep it from being damaged when you’re carrying it around.

Of course, we’ve all accidentally dropped this plug in the water at least once. Keeping the plug safe is sometimes harder than it seems! With products like The Holder, however, you’ll never lose your rod plug again — and help prevent your rod top from breaking!

Above all else, be sure to take care of your rod. Don’t bang it on any trees or rocks. Keep it safe when you are and aren’t fly fishing!

Q: How do you replace a tenkara rod tip?

A: Replacing a tenkara rod tip is very easy, as you can find replacement rod tips for about $15 to $25 dollars plus shipping. All you really have to do is take the butt cap off and remove the tip section of the rod and slide in the new one. Tenkara rods are easy to take apart, as there’s not much to them, so you should have no trouble at all. The biggest impact is lost fishing time and the hassle of having to order and wait for a new rod tip! 

Be Prepared For Your Next Fly Fishing Trip

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