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fly fishing vs. Spinning fishing

Fly Fishing vs. Spinning Fishing: The Main Differences

While there are many differences when it comes to fly fishing vs. lure fishing, there aren’t many similarities. Possibly the only main similarity between these two fishing methods is the fact that they both allow you to catch fish. Some differences between the two are striking. Others are minuscule.

There is no best way to fish, as some people love fly fishing, and others prefer spinner fishing. What’s important is finding the best fishing technique for you and honing your skills!

Fly Fishing vs. Spinning Fishing: Two Main Differences

Fly fishing is the practice of catching fish with artificial flies using a simple fly rod with no reel. Spinning fishing, also called lure fishing, is the process of catching fish with bait and different forms of lures. Now that we know the basics of the two forms of fishing, let’s jump into the differences between the two.


The gear needed for fly fishing is completely different than the gear needed with lure fishing. Often, you’ll need a lot more gear when you’re spin fishing than when you’re fly fishing. Plus, certain simplistic forms of fly fishing, such as tenkara, allow you to fish with only the necessities. With fly fishing, you only really need your rod and the flies to attract fish. That’s not the case with spinning fishing, as you may need to bring a box or vest full of gear and bait.

Fly fishing gear also tends to be much lighter than spinning gear.

Fishing Method

The main fishing techniques of fly fishing vs. spinning fishing also differ, which is to be expected. When it comes to fly fishing, you’re normally fishing in an upstream presentation. It helps to be stealthy, as you often are fishing in smaller areas or tighter quarters. This fishing is done best in rivers or moving water, though you can still fly fish on stillwater.

Spinning fishing differs. The overall presentation allows you to fish in all types of water and depths, though spinning fishing tends to be done best on stillwater. 

Q: What’s better for the full fishing experience: fly fishing or spinning fishing?

A: If you want a full fishing experience, fly fishing is the way to go. Many fly fishers feel that this fishing technique is more pure, peaceful and allows you to really connect with nature. Plus, it can be difficult at first for some, so it’s a great skill to learn for those who like to be challenged! 

Interested In Fly Fishing?

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