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tenkara fly fishing benefits

Tenkara Fly Fishing Benefits Vs. Western Fly Fishing

In many ways, tenkara fly fishing benefits are similar to western fly fishing ones. While the fishing techniques do have some things in common, they are actually quite different. Tenkara fly fishing in particular can be a very beneficial way for beginning anglers to start fishing or for experienced anglers to simplify their kit. 

Tenkara fly fishing first started gaining popularity in the United States in the early 2010s. The technique, however, has been popular in Japan since it originated more than 400 years ago! Keep reading to learn more about how tenkara fishing can be much more beneficial than western style fly fishing.

Tenkara Fly Fishing Benefits

Tenkara fly fishing is considered to be a very simple and effective way to fish. You can’t really say that about western fly fishing techniques, which are complex to learn and require tools and equipment that often weigh anglers down.

Flying fishing, in general, can feel very complex, but that’s not the case with tenkara. Tenkara rods lack a reel, and instead the fishing line is attached to the top of the rod at a point called the lillian. This method also allows you to have a better feel of the fly and the longer more flexible rod makes the anglers presentation that much better! 

Tenkara fly fishing benefits also include just the basics needed and really reduce the burden on the angler to carry a lot of gear. Tenkara fly fishing is all about the minimalist experience.

Tenkara fishing is also very beneficial for those who really like to backpack and and get into the backcountry! Anglers who embrace tenkara and its minimalism get the added benefit of shaving pounds off their pack weight. After all we all know the adage, ounces add up to pounds and pounds equal pain on long hikes! 

Q: Is tenkara fishing good for beginners?

A: While every fishing technique can be difficult, tenkara is considered to be a good way for beginners to become good anglers. While all beginners will need to practice to really perfect their fishing technique, tenkara is beginner-friendly and easier to quickly pick up when compared to western fly fishing! 

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