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The Essential Fall Camping Gear List

The Essential Fall Camping Gear List

If you’re preparing to camp this fall, you should be aware of all the different fall camping gear you’ll need to bring. We enjoy minimalist camping and fishing. So, the less the better. But when fall comes around, there are a few things that everyone should bring to keep them warm, safe, and comfortable! 

Proper clothing and many layers, protective items such as sunscreen, and durable items to help you sleep should all be brought when you go camping in the fall. Keep reading to learn even more! 

Fall Camping Gear: What to Bring

Minimalist Clothing Options

While you’ll want to keep things as minimal as possible — don’t overpack! — you should also prepare for both warm and cold weather. Fall can be fickle like that. Be aware of what the weather will be like when you go camping, but then prepare for the opposite as well. 

Therefore, you should pack:

  • A beanie or hat to keep your head and ears warm
  • Gloves if it’s going to be cold
  • Waterproof shoes or boots
  • Layers to keep yourself warm
  • Water-resistant and wind-resistant coat
  • Extra pairs of socks that can easily be stored away

Protective Items

As always, you’ll want to protect yourself when camping from nature in various ways. So, it can also help to bring these items when you camp during the fall:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray, if needed in your area 
  • Bear spray
  • Small first aid kit
  • Pet protection — leash, harness, collar, GPS collar, etc

A few of these items depend on the location you’re going in and the weather conditions. For example, you might not need a lot of bug spray if you’re going towards the end of fall, or in an area where it’s cold. Sunscreen should always be brought, though, as you can still be sunburnt in the winter! 

Bear spray and pet protection items should also always be brought in the fall, regardless of where you’re going! 

Sleeping Items

When fall camping, you’ll want to be as safe and comfortable as possible when you’re sleeping. Prepare for all different types of weather conditions — and rain conditions! 

You should bring:

  • A high-quality sleeping bag with good insulation to keep you warm
  • Tent with a rain fly
  • A wool blanket, if needed

Good, high-quality sleeping bags can often keep you warm enough during the fall because of their great insulation. However, if you need to bring a wool blanket or something similar, you definitely should. But remember to only pack what you need! Don’t overdo it! 

Q: What is the best month to go camping?

A: Camping in September and October is often considered the best month to go camping, as it isn’t as hot as it was, yet it also isn’t as cold as it will soon be. Of course, this can differ depending on where you’re camping. 

Start Your Fall Camping Adventure

Now, it’s time to start your own fall camping adventure! With this list of fall camping gear, make your own list of what you need to bring! 

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