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Animals That Can Use GPS Collars

Animals That Can Use GPS Collars

While many people use GPS tracking collars for their dogs and cats, there are actually many animals that can use GPS collars. GPS collars allow owners to easily track where their animals are through their mobile devices, which can be very helpful if your animals ever get loose. 

Other than dogs and cats, farm animals such as sheep, small pets such as rabbits, wolves in wolf preserves, and any animal that can safely wear a collar can wear GPS collars! Keep reading to find out more! 

Different Animals That Can Use GPS Collars

Small Farm Animals

Small farm animals — especially those 30 pounds and under — can benefit from wearing a GPS collar. Sheep, llamas, and others that can safely wear a collar can therefore have a GPS tracker attached. This can help you understand where your animals are at all times, which can keep a lot of worry at bay! 

Some GPS trackers are actual collars, so you’ll want to know the different sizes offered. Other GPS trackers are tiny devices, such as Cube or Tile trackers, that can be attached to any collar with the necessary tools. Therefore, you can find larger collars for bigger animals in this way.

So, when it comes to large animals like cows, you could potentially find a big enough collar to attach a GPS tracker to it — if the cow is comfortable wearing a collar, to begin with. 

Small Pets

If you have a small pet, they can also wear a GPS collar or tracker! Small animals such as rabbits have been known to easily wear collars. Therefore, you can put a small, lightweight GPS tracker on their collar and ease some of your worries.

Small pets have a habit of getting loose, so it’s very beneficial to have a GPS collar attached! 


Wolves in wolf preserves can also greatly benefit from wearing GPS collars. Just as dogs can become comfortable wearing collars, so can wolves. Obviously, you’ll want to ensure you’re putting a large and sturdy enough collar on them to keep them comfortable! 

In wolf preserves, it’s very helpful to understand where wolves are at all times. GPS collars are great ways to do this easily. 

Any Animal That Can Wear Collars

There really is no limit to what type of animal can wear a collar. As long as an animal can safely and comfortably wear a collar, then they can also have a GPS tracker attached! Obviously, there are many animals — chickens, hamsters, etc — that could never wear any type of collar, so they wouldn’t be able to benefit from GPS tracking, unfortunately. 

Q: How accurate or GPS trackers on pets?

A: GPS trackers are normally quite accurate, though there may always be a difference between where your pet actually is versus where the tracker says they are. Therefore, a few meters difference can be common.

Get a GPS Collar Today

Now, it’s time to begin your search to find the best GPS collar for your animals today! There are many animals that can use GPS collars — but you still need to find the correct type and size for them! 

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