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minimalist fly fishing

The Only Gear You Need For Minimalist Fly Fishing

Minimalist fly fishing is always the way to go. Why stress over all the gear you have to lug around on a fishing trip where you’re supposed to connect with nature and have fun? A minimalist approach to nature is the best, as it truly allows you to relax, destress, and have an incredibly fun time!

Below, we discuss how you can go about having a minimalist tenkara fly fishing trip with a list of the only gear you’ll ever need!

Minimalist Fly Fishing: The Gear You Need

To really engage in a minimalist fly fishing trip, don’t bring a lot of gear. Only bring what you need. As tenkara anglers don’t need to lug around a ton of gear, this can be a bit easier than other types of fishers. The only items you absolutely need to bring are:

  • Tenkara rod
  • Line
  • Flies
  • Forceps and Nippers
  • Sunglasses
  • Proper attire and shoes, which will change depending on the weather/where you’re fishing

That’s all you need! If you’re planning on being out fishing for a while, bring some lunch. But other than that, you don’t need to lug around a huge gearbox full of items. Only bring what you absolutely need and use this list as a checklist! 

Gear That Makes Your Life Easier

To make your life simpler, staying organized is key. Organize the above items in a way that makes it easier to carry and transport from your car to where you’re fishing. For example, using a fly box like The Keeper helps you easily transport flies, as well as bring around necessary tools such as forceps and nippers.

Using an item like The Sling can help you safely carry your tenkara rod, while The Holder is an excellent, and small, item to carry to keep you from losing your fishing rod plug!

Using other items designed to help you embrace this minimalist fishing lifestyle can also make your life that much easier. For example, wearing a fishing shirt, or just a shirt or jacket with large pockets, can help you store your small fly box and other small items. A fishing lanyard can also help. Just remember that you don’t need to stuff your pockets with everything you think you need. Only bring what you know you need! 

Q: How can I start preparing for a minimalist fly fishing trip?

A: Start by setting aside all the gear you don’t need, or don’t use. Clean out any backpacks, boxes, or fishing vests you use. Get rid of everything that you don’t need. For clothing attire, don’t pack an entire wardrobe. Dress according to the weather, but don’t bring too much! 

Only Bring What You Need on Your Next Tenkara Fishing Trip

Now, it’s time to put this list into action. On your next tenkara fishing trip, only bring what you need. Use the list above as a good starting place. If you’re not used to minimalist fishing, it might take you a trip or two to get used to not overpacking. 

This is okay! Just try your best to remember you don’t actually need to carry along all of that gear. Once you fully embrace minimalist fishing, you’ll never want to go back.

To really enhance your next fishing trip, only bring the gear you need. Check out our gear, all of which is created to help you embrace minimalist fishing!