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Wasatch sharpshooter tenkara rod

Tenkara Gear Review: Wasatch Sharpshooter Tenkara Rod

My new favorite small stream rod: the Wasatch Sharpshooter Tenkara Rod! As the season for trout in most of the northeast drew to a close — and as I spend more time on product development for Minimalist Gear Co than I do on the river these days — it was good to get out. The trip, a tiny house resort in Cairo, NY,  was a surprise my girlfriend sprung on me. So, I figured while I was there, I would embrace the downtime and get some fishing in! 

The Wasatch Sharpshooter Tenkara Rod: Perfect For Small Streams

I’ve had this new Wasatch Sharpshooter Tenkara Rod and was dying to fish with it. I took the rod with me and got a chance to try it out on some small tributaries of the Catskill Creek, renowned for its brook trout fishing. Now, I can definitely say this rod is my favorite small stream rod!

The rod is a triple zoom, which makes it ideal for fishing around tight spaces, as well as under structures. The Wasatch Sharpshooter has some really cool features I’ve never seen on other Tenkara rods, such as a split high-density foam and cork handle. The handle gives you a superb grip but still provides for a traditional look, and a place to hook your fly. Plus, the color and finish of the Sharpshooter remind me of a Porsche Cayman with its unique sky-blue color and smooth, thick, clear coat. 

When you cast the Sharpshooter, you immediately recognize the quality of the carbon fiber used in its construction. The rod has a perfect amount of backbone, yet a soft tip with its 7:3 action — which lets you fire your line with deadly accuracy. 

However, you still feel every little bump and hit on your line! The feeling transfers so well through the rod that I had a fingerling hit my fly while fishing near the falls — seen in my picture below — and I felt it! 

Small Stream Tenkara Fishing

The Wasatch Sharpshooter Tenkara Rod is an incredible rod that has now unseated several other small stream Tenkara rods as my new go-to! Check out Ana Echenique’s extensive review of the Maruki Sharp Shooter, as compared to other small stream rods, for more info! It can be difficult to find the right rod for you — but if you’re looking for an excellent small stream rod, I think you know what to invest in next! Check out our friends at Wasatch Tenkara Rods link below.

Wasatch Tenkara Rods

For all small stream Tenkara fishing — or all Tenkara fishing — it’s nice to ensure that your rod is always protected. Use The Sling to protect your Tenkara rod, always!