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GPS collars for pets

Why GPS Collars For Pets Are a Good Idea

There’s a reason why GPS collars for pets have become so popular in recent years. After all, it’s always nice to know where your pet is! If you’re in any way an outdoors person, keeping an eye on your animals is always essential — and GPS collars help you do that.

GPS collars are incredibly easy to use and set up. As the collars work from a combination of cellular and GPS signals, you’ll always be able to see where your pet is. All you have to do is go on the tracker’s app — you set up your own account when you first get your collar — and then you see where your pet is! Once on the app, you can see where your pet is on a map. 

GPS collars can, therefore, help ease a lot of anxiety for pet owners. Here are the main reasons why we love these types of collars so much.

Why GPS Collars For Pets Are a Good Idea

Great For Camping Trips

Do you have a dog that loves to go camping with you? Hiking in the wilderness by your side? Are they the perfect fishing companion? 

It’s always fun to have a dog along with you on these types of wilderness trips. Knowing that you will always be able to know where your dog is on this trip, even if they somehow get away from you, is a bonus.

With a GPS collar, you’ll have this capability. If your dog ever leaves your side, you can easily find them with this GPS collar in no time! 

Perfect For Outdoor Cats

Do you have a cat that always loves to be outdoors, even though you worry about where they go off to? While there are so many cool pet technologies around, GPS collars are for you!

With a GPS collar on your cat, you’ll always be assured of where your cat is. All you have to do is go on your tracker’s app and see where they are on the map! If your cat hasn’t been home in a while, you can just check to see what they’re up to, rather than sit and worry all day! 

The Best Tool For Missing Animals

Say you don’t have an outdoor cat or a dog that goes on wilderness trips with you. Could you still benefit from a GPS collar? Yes!

Unfortunately, pets can get loose and somehow get out of your house. If your pet ever goes missing, you can easily and quickly find them if they are wearing a GPS collar through your tracker’s app on your smartphone. It is the best way to ensure that your pets never go missing for too long, as you’ll quickly be able to bring them home!

Use on Small Pets

If you have small pets, such as rabbits or ferrets, that always seem to be getting loose, putting a GPS collar on them could also be incredibly helpful and ease all of your anxieties. As there are a variety of different GPS collars, there are also a variety of sizes of collars. 

For example, Fi collars are too big for small pets, but great for large dogs. FitBark and Pefton have very small collars for smaller animals!  

Really, there’s no limit on what type of animal you can put a GPS collar on. If you have a pet that can easily and comfortably wear collars, then they can wear GPS collars, too! 

Q: How long does it take to track your pet with a GPS collar?

A: It can take anywhere from a few seconds to three minutes to accurately track your pet that is wearing a GPS collar, depending on where your dog is. 

Find a GPS Collars For Your Pet

Now that you know all about why GPS collars are so helpful, it’s time to find the best one for you and your pet’s lifestyle. There are many wonderful brands that you can choose from.

FI, Tractive, Tile, and Cube are some of the best GPS beacons on the market, depending on what you and your pet are looking for. Once you find a GPS beacon that you like, it’s time to ensure that it actually stays on your pet’s collar. Our Fi Fastener is a casing that helps GPS beacons stay attached to any pet collar! Check it out now!